Make Money

In just a few days, you could begin earning $100 to $1,000 per week – simply by creating personalized products to help people celebrate their special occasions – it’s just that EASY!

Many people dream of having their own home based business and having the ability to earn money at home.

Having a work from home business allows you to enjoy several BIG advantages over working a traditional job.

Being your own boss and working from home means…

  • No more wasted time or traffic jams to contend while driving to work.
  • No more being stuck in a cramped, boring cubicle all day.
  • No set work hours — Schedule your job around your family’s schedule.
  • No more risk of being laid off or fired.
  • No more demanding bosses to answer to.


A Proven Home Business

Let me introduce you to OccasionOgraphy the personalized candy wrapper business.

The candy wrapper business is booming — and has been for over 16 years. It’s a real, time-tested business that has thousands of successful operators working from home in 21 countries throughout the world.

It’s a very profitable and stable business because – even when times are tough – people still continue to celebrate life’s special occasions. Good times or bad… can you imagine anyone not wanting to celebrate:

Birthdays – Weddings – Baby Showers – Birth Announcements – Anniversaries – Holidays – Graduations – Class Reunions – Fundraisers – Political Events – Grand Openings – Church Events – And many, many more!

The concept is so popular, we’ve even been featured on The Food Network!


A great deal of time, effort, and care goes into planning these events. As a result, helping people give their guests a personalized yet inexpensive memento can sound very appealing to them. And because events and special occasions occur all year long, year after year, the demand for personalization never goes out of season. If you take good care of your customers, you’re likely to get referral and repeat business almost effortlessly.


Here’s Proof…

Simply put, our consultants love the OccasionOgraphy system. Here’s what a few of our actual consultants have to say about the personalized candy wrapper business…

“Becoming a Consultant is one of the best decisions I’ve made. My customers’ faces light up when they see their orders.”
–Jen C. – Milford PA“This is the best home based business you could ever own. The response I have had has been overwhelming. I actually had to close down for a week during Christmas because I was so swamped with orders.”
–Trish S. – Milford NJ“Customer feedback on the candy bar wrappers has been great! I get so many comments from my customers – the product sells itself!
–Cecelia S. – Waldorf MD

We have a great reputation in the industry and work very hard at maintaining a great reputation for helping our consultants. In fact, you can verify our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau – Click HERE.

Our BIG Secret…

The above testimonials hint at the BIG SECRET why the personalized candy wrapper business is such a great opportunity.

What is that secret, you ask? Here it is…

“It’s easy to make money when you’re selling a product that people want.”

Unlike some other businesses, there’s no need for high-pressure sales tactics. You don’t have to “hard sell” or “push” your customers to buy — because your customers will love your products and WANT to buy them as soon as they see them. That’s why OccasionOgraphy is a business you’ll be proud to operate.


Our 4 Great Product Lines

You help people prepare for their events by providing four categories of premium quality, personalized products. All of our products come from the factory professionally printed on high quality materials, with eye-popping and brilliantly colored background designs. You simply add the message, photo, or logo chosen by your customer using your own laser printer.


  • Cherubs-N-Chocolate – Candy bar wrappers, our best sellers, printed on premium quality, high-gloss paper with crisp, vivid image quality that simply cannot be duplicated on home printers. A perfect fit for any occasion because they sell themselves.
  • MyMintos – Perfect for fun or business advertising, as favors or promotional items. These mintbooks resemble a matchbook, but hold a single candy or other surprise inside making it a “Sweet Treat” with a message and a wonderfully personalized addition to any campaign or event!
  • SplashBands– Perfect for advertising or for making any event personal. This high demand product is smudge-proof, waterproof and tear-proof! Designed for water bottles, but can be used on a variety of other bottles: Gourmet foods, beauty products, etc. Your customers will love the versatility of offering such an amazing personal gift!
  • Invitations & Announcements– Designed to match our most popular wrappers, you can say exactly what you want, in your own words! Turn any event into a lifelong memory. Invitations that can be done “on-demand” provide a quick and inexpensive solution to serve your clients.


Our premium materials have the look of quality and will make a BIG difference in your sales… and profits!


Think About This!

Think of all the occasions people buy greeting cards for – Over 7 Billion were sold last year. Now ask yourself this: Why spend $5 or $6 to give just a greeting card? A greeting card is nothing but an overpriced mass-produced piece of paper printed with some pretty words, not even written by the sender. Why do people consider that special?


Compare that to one of our items: custom produced wrapper, printed with a sentiment actually written or chosen by the sender, sold at a price much lower than a greeting card PLUS containing a small gift inside (chocolate, money, gift card, etc.). It would seem we have an unfair advantage.

Anyone Can Do It!

The OccasionOgraphy system is an easy and enjoyable business to run. It doesn’t require creative or technical skills — so literally anybody who wants to start their own, profitable business can do it.

Here’s how the OccasionOgraphy system works…

First, your customer simply chooses a product, the design they want, and the message or image to personalize it with.

Then, using your state-of-the-art OccasionOgraphy design software, you pull up the product’s design on your computer, type in the desired message (names, dates, and/or pictures) and press the print button. Your laser printer will print the message on the pre-printed wrapper in seconds.

The production process is just 4 basic steps…

Step #1 — Select and personalize a wrapper template with our custom software.




Step #2 — Print the wrappers on a laser printer (either color or a low-cost black-only model). Then, cut it in half (each sheet makes 2 labels).




Step #3 — Insert the candy bars, or energy bars, granola bars, etc into one of our foil pouches to give it a high quality, finished look.




Step #4 — Using an everyday glue stick, moisten one end of the wrapper, fold it around the foil pouch and seal the flap.




That’s it! Your personalized bar is complete… quickly and easily! Now take them to your customers and watch their faces light up!


A Huge Selection of Designs

The OccasionOgraphy system offers a catalog of over 400 products to choose from, so you’ll always be able to find just the right design for any occasion. The combination of our commercially printed wrapper designs with your laser-quality personalization provides a very professional look at an economical price.

Comprehensive Training & Support

If you’ve looked at other work-at-home businesses, you’ll notice that many times you’re left on your own without any real support or training. But not with the OccasionOgraphy system.

We provide you with a COMPLETE SYSTEM — including custom software and high-quality supplies and refills.

But, on top of that, we also offer comprehensive support and training as a part of your OccasionOgraphy package. We truly want you to become successful, so we’ll show you everything you need to know to succeed.

Our in-depth training and support includes:

  • The 100+ page, OccasionOgraphy Users Training Manual.
  • 24/7 access to our Consultants Resource Center (CRC) which is an encyclopedia of helpful training articles, tutorials, audio recordings, and videos.
  • Our online users forum where you can ask questions and share ideas with other Consultants
  • A newsletter to keep you up to date and give you tips.
  • Unlimited e-mail support.
  • Unlimited Toll-Free Customer Care phone support

So any time you have a question or problem, help is available. We’ll always be there to guide you — just like we have for the last 16 years.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

To use our custom software, you will need a PC and laser printer. Any PC running Windows XP, Vista, WIN7, WIN 8 or Windows 10 will do, but you must have a laser printer. (You can’t use an inkjet printer because the high-quality, high-gloss finish of our products won’t absorb inkjet ink.)

A color laser printer is recommended so you can add color type and photographs to your wrappers (they cost around $200 nowadays). Currently, we recommend the Hewlett Packard line of color laser printers — but even a black-only laser printer (under $100) is acceptable.

Here’s What You Get…

Your OccasionOgraphy® Business Start-Up Kit includes the following:

  • OccasionOgraphy® software CD-ROM, and operating license
  • Product Training & Operations Manual
  • Start-Up Copy of our beautiful 80+ page Print on Demand Catalog — to help you instantly generate orders!
  • Start-Up Supply of Full-Color Customizable Postcards
  • Custom foil envelopes – an OccasionOgraphy® exclusive product , adds an elegant “final touch” for  beautiful personalized candy bars
  • Samples of customizable marketing flyers
  • Samples of customizable tri-fold product brochures
  • Samples of our products (Wrappers, SplashBands™, MyMintos™, etc.)
  • Comprehensive training and support


  • 200 FREE wrappers
  • Samples of each of our products Fully Assembled

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a part-time income or someone who wants to make a full-time business out of it, OccasionOgraphy is absolutely one of the most enjoyable businesses you’ll find.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

In fact, I’m so sure you’ll love it, that we offer an IRON-CLAD MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you’re not 100% thrilled with our OccasionOgraphy Business Start-Up Kit, for ANY reason, you can send it back within 30 days for a refund (minus a restocking fee) — no questions asked.


Still Undecided?

We know trust is a very important part of your decision. If you’re still undecided about ordering, we would like to remind you about our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  CLICK HERE to see their report about OccasionOgraphy. Only companies with the best record of complaints (or lack there of), products, and honoring guarantees get an A+ rating. With that rating and our 100% Guarantee, the only way you can lose is by not trying us out.

You might also want to take a look at all the great wrapper designs you can offer your customers. Just CLICK HERE to view our online catalog.

Also, if you haven’t already, you might want to order our FREE sample kit. (And, yes, it’s really FREE — we even pay for the shipping). Simply CLICK HERE to get it.

We’d love to have you as part of our growing family of OccasionOgraphy Consultants. I know you will enjoy the security, freedom and extra income from being in the personalized candy bar business.



Heidi Kurppe