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The industry leader… for 16 years and counting!

With home-based business opportunities in greater demand than ever before, you should know that we have not only withstood the test of time, but have continued to grow, improve, innovate and adapt to the changing demands of the market.  Read our history below.  We truly appreciate your interest in our company and products, and hope you will become a part of one of the easiest, most fun and profitable businesses available today!

Humble Beginnings

Founded in a New Orleans garage, Cherubs-N-Chocolate® sold its first ‘dealer kit’ on January 5, 1999.  The fledgling start-up offered people a quick, easy way to create personalized candy bar wrappers using a PC regardless of their level of computer expertise or design skills.  With color laser printers costing upwards of $2500 at the time, the ability to provide full color wrappers with a personalized name, date and/or message was an instant success.  Using a system of pre-printed colorful wrapper designs, Cherubs-N-Chocolate® dealers could personalize each wrapper by printing just the custom name, date or message onto the wrapper with a black laser printer.  Launching with just a few dozen designs – mostly for birth announcements and birthdays, the company helped pioneer the personalized candy bar industry.  During its first few years, the company added dealers, expanded its line of wrappers, and added the ability to personalize Hershey’s “minis” candy bars using pre-printed sheets of 20 mini-wrappers sized just right.  In 2002, the Angels on Occasion® brand of personalized invitations and announcements was added to complement the personalized candy bar wrappers.

In 2003, Hershey Corporation dramatically changed the packaging of its ‘standard’ (1.55oz) candy bars, introducing the hermetically sealed plastic wrappers to replace the foil wrap and paper that had lasted decades.  While this improved product security and reduced costs, it rocked the personalized candy wrapper world because the personalized wrappers didn’t look so good with the ugly brown serrated plastic flaps sticking out from under them.  After months of experimentation and sourcing of manufacturers, the came out with a custom foil pouch to instantly recreate the classy foiled look so desired by its dealers and their customers.   This innovation had the unplanned benefit of opening up the personalized wrapper concept to include many other, similarly shaped candy or food bar products that fit nicely into the custom foil pouches.  Soon thereafter, the company responded to the growing importance of the Internet by offering custom-built websites tailored to its dealers.  All this eventually caught the attention of the television producers at The Food Network, which featured the company’s personalized candy bars in a segment entitled “Favorite Wedding Foods”.

Growth, Acquisition Prompt Name Change

In August of 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, shutting down the company for over a week.  Just a few months later, in December 2005 the company was acquired by Charmyn Group, which relocated operations to Florida.

Charmyn Group quickly doubled the company’s product offering by adding dozens of new wrapper designs, new wrapper sizes, and introducing two new exciting product lines dealers had been asking for: MyMintos™ personalized mintbook covers and SplashBands™ bottled water labels.  At this point, the Company had grown far beyond wrappers for birth announcements, and was offering four product lines with designs for almost every occasion imaginable.  The name was changed to OccasionOgraphy®, which included the Cherubs-N-Chocolate® candy bar wrappers, Angels on Occasion® invitations, MyMintos™ mintbook covers and SplashBands™ bottled water labels.  By the end of 2006, OccasionOgraphy® offered more than 300 personalized products!

Throughout 2007-2008, OccasionOgraphy® continued to expand, offering more designs and innovative options for enhancing the product line …. expanding its foil pouch offering to 8 colors: silver, gold, pink, blue, green, red, black and lavender; introducing a wider range of marketing materials and accessories to help its dealers stay at the forefront of the personalized wrapper industry… and providing easier and more powerful software to make personalization as easy as just a few mouse clicks!  The company also earned a couple of distinguished awards: Business Opportunity of the Year from the International Association of Mothers Working at Home and Model of Excellence in Home Based Business from Platinum Television’s Today’s Family.

The Company Today

As the company celebrates its 17th Anniversary in 2016, more than 7,000 dealers in 21 countries enjoy the benefits of joining the industry leader in personalized candy bars, mintbooks, bottled water and more.  OccasionOgraphy® now offers more than 400 products available for customization.  The sheer number of events, holidays, and occasions that can be celebrated and/or promoted with OccasionOgraphy® products has made the business a perennial winner, offering unlimited potential for part-time or full-time income all year round. The company has attracted countless imitators over the years, but none have come close to matching the breadth and extraordinary quality of products, extraordinary range of accessories and product enhancements, and highest standards of customer service offered by OccasionOgraphy.

Family Owned

OccasionOgraphy is a family owned and run business located in Spring 10389251_10152836016798400_2722109577982222390_nHill, Florida. To our family you are not another ‘customer’, you are part of our team! You will always get the assistance you need in a friendly and timely manner – that we will guarantee!

To find out more about what we have to offer, simply request a no cost, no obligation information package – complete with product samples – by completing the request form here.

OccasionOgraphy®   Since 1999, Helping People Celebrate… for Fun & Profit.